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Need new tools anyone????

Guest MJG

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Oh I know the quality is good. Most of my tools are Halfords professional. I have sockets sets and spanners, just not all in one handy box for keeping in the car.

Only thing I've had to use Halfords professional life time guarantee for is circlip pliers, twice. I seem to end up with a new pair every time I do a uj :)

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Their 1/2" breaker bars are supplied by Cadbury, I have had 3 or 4 now... all under warranty of course! :)

I have the next tool set down from that and it is brill. I have had it for years now and if it went missing I would buy another in a heatbeat - sadly the hinge on the case is all but broken. They do not sell new cases so I am not sure what to do now. I might buy a new one for home, transplant the old one into a toolbox and keep it for the Landy. :)

Spend, spend, spend. :)


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I've got loads of halfords stuff... excellent quality...

Not got the 24" breaker bar, but got the 18" one... which regularly gets a 4' length of stainless tube slipped over it, for those really tight nuts..

All our stuff has been well used, and i've not broken anything yet...

The only thing showing any wear is the 13mm rachet ring spanner, its not slipping, but it doesn't click like it did when it was new..

Highly recommended... and a good investment for £100....

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Bought one of these sets a few weeks ago. used it in anger for the first time yesterday whilst fitting a towbar (albeit not on the landy). Very happy it!

Been using the Halfords professional kit at work for a couple of years, and overall they have been good value and hardwearing. Especially happy with the ratchet ring spanners- nice action and compact round the head.

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