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how to service a freelander


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so then, whats the deal.. is it a case of oil and filters... or is there something esle to it?

any electrics that need to be switched or buttons pushed..?

its a 2.0d.

Does the gearbox need oil changed as well like the D90 does?

any help is appreciated. :D

plus what oils for what areas.. ?

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so its as straight forward as servicing the 90 then...


I shall see what the haynes manual says about amounts etc.

Is it necessary to do the gearbox? or even transfer box during a service, or are they necessary?

No computator needed, straightforward enough if there are no electronic problems known.

Gearbox uses MTF94 I think...

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this will be fun then..

you need a 36mm socket to get to the oil filter on the TD4

the fuel filter is in an incredibly awkward place with small fiddly screws

the sump guard has to be removed to drain the oil

the brake pads are east to change though.

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