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Fitting of Steering guard


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I have a 1991 Discovery, 200 Tdi, h reg. I bought a guardsman galvanised steel steering guard from first four off road, an come fitting it today came across an issue with fitting it.

Its a pig of a job doing it by yourself, But it is attached by the bumper mounts along with two mounts located behind on the chassis. on one side there is a steering linkage, while on the otherside i can easily locate the bolt nad attach it to the guard. The mount with the steering linkage is mounted to, i can undo the nut and attach the guard, but is it safe to do so, and such it be tightened to any set figure?

Any help is much appreciated.


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Been there done that, we had to use clouting with a large aircooled flatness adjuster AND turning it with a breaker bar (which was only just turning) and I think we may have heated it up too :unsure: the new one got quite a lot of coppaslip applied when it went back in! :D

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