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Attack of the welding pigeons

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In between working on the 109 over the weekend I also helped in the gradual de-f-up-ing of the lodger's bike. One of the problems since he dropped it has been that the rear 6" of the frame was no longer meaningfully attached (it wasn't exactly rock-solid beforehand) anyway here you can see the before and after shots of it, I don't think I did too bad but then anything would be an improvement :lol:

I know it's a bit OT for a Landy forum but I figured since I spent a portion of my weekend doing it when I should've been building the LR I may at least give you all a giggle from it.


This was "a temporary repair to stop the back end falling off", would it surprise you to know that he's not an engineer? :P

You can see the standard of the vehicle from the overspray (it's everywhere) and of course the offending pigeon droppings on the frame.


A quick yank and it's off - it's obviously been chopped off here for a reason some time ago then "welded" back together but I'd love to know why as I can't see how you could stack the thing and damage just the tail bit to warrant this cut-n-shut. Was it a fashion statement or something? :blink:


I bet you don't even need to see that full-size to see how great it is, funnily enough a fair few chunks of it fell off with a tweak from the pliers and the rest didn't take much grinding to make it part company :o


And here's the "after" shot, I managed to find some tube that was an interference fit inside the frame, so I interfered with it with the hammer until it fitted :D I made a hole in the top of the chassis tube and the grab handle end tube, knocked the two of them together onto the sleeve leaving a ~2mm gap and then welded round it and puddle-welded the holes on the top. Hopefully he can carry a pillion now in (relative) safety :rolleyes: Unfortunately I didn't have a soft-pad to hand so had to finish it off with the grinding disc / wire wheel, with a lick of paint (or some turd polish) it is hardly noticeable now, especially against all the other horrors that assault your eyes when you look at the thing.

This week's project (for Dave not me thank f....) is learning how to use the fibre glass that Miketomcat very generously dropped round to see if the fairings (currently "repaired" with gaffa tape) can be put back together.

If anyone has any bits of Honda CBR600 F-M (especially fairings) then PM me as I'm sure he'd be glad of some spares :P and if anyone wants a Kawasaki ZZR600-D with a starting problem then get in touch as it's cluttering up the patio <_<

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I thought it looked ok :blink: .Compared to my welding anyway :unsure: .I can singlehandedly turn a 90 chassis into a lace curtain in less than a weekend :angry: .F***in welder,next time i will just paper mache it,will probably be stronger and i wont burn missen!!

Paul :)

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