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Engine out - A womans Job?


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:o:rolleyes::unsure: NOW WITH SMALLER PICS, SORRY GUYS!! :D

Okay, maybe rather sexist but how on earth are you meant to get to the bellhousing bolts with man hands?

I want to get this






In to this


I do need to get the box out too, am i going to kill myself lifting it in one go, i've got a heavy duty hoist but the engine (Mazda 35 SLTi) does weigh 295 kg and i coupled to a LT-77 and LT-230. The rad, intercooler, and coolers are coming off to although I am not breaking the rangie. Alternitevely, are there any tricks to accessing all the bellhousing bolts?

Any help or experiences very welcome.



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I am not familiar with Mazda engines but have done this with a Tdi engine. Remove gearbox mountings, lower the gearbox down on a jack, you can then reach the bell housing bolts over the top of the box with a socket on several extensions. The wobble extension bars are the best.


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I'll be absent now for a while as I have to repair the whole in my wall where my monitor was pushed through from your HUGE pictures :P when it went hard right on downloading them

I did however like the ant waving at you (just to the left of the label) :lol:


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Jeeeeeeeeeeez that took about 5 minutes to download even on 2meg broadband.........

They're a piggy to get to! I've just taken a 300Tdi out of a rangie. The trick is to use the engine hoist to take the weight of the engine, then unbolt and remove the engine mounts and lower the engine down as much as you can. There is then just room to undo the bolts.

Dropping the tail end of the gearbox down also works - (I know - I put the engine back in and then had to take the gearbox out) but its definately not as easy as dropping the engine down!


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So what do you think of my camera then guys, pretty good eh! :lol:

Sorry about the pics, when I have seen posts on the forum it always states picture reduced to xx% of original size so I assumed it did it automatically. I have now been educated. Thanks for reducing the size Dean.

So now, what's my best way of getting the engine out!



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Looks to me that you would have to do it from underneath with a few extension bars. Sometimes lowering the back of the gearbox improves access to the bell housing bolts.



Just looking through the tech archives and saw your post on changing a disco clutch.


Could the top bolts be accessed through the top of the tunnel on a rangie too or is it a different layout?



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Well I've finally done it. I ended up dropping the transfer box and lifting the engine and main box out together. I still ended up cutting the front panel due to the length of the train. transfer box was tough to break free too, I undid the 6 bolts but it wouldn't budge, it was bonded to the main box with what looked like mastic, big lump hammer and some timber did the trick eventually!

Here's some pics, thanks for all your advice on this.




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