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Hi Muddy,

I'm using BOC Argoshield universal, bottle size X (half size? it's about 3 feet high and 6 ins. dia. if that helps)

Fill is £40.30, annual rental £51.76.

If you get one check the tap for leaks, mine's just leaked away with the tap shut tight!

Going to BOC tomorrow for a replacement/argument/fight.


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I started with Y bottles, but now I have the hugenormous ones (one argon for tig, one argoshield for mig). .

IMHO for the difference in cost, there is no comparison. Its only a little more cash, but you get a LOT more gas.

The only issue would be moving the damn things - they are heavy and big. But if I can manage...

Cheers, Al.

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Make sure you complain to BOC accounts 0800111333 IIRC

I did and I got the replacement cylinder for free

size y has twice the volume of X and costs £68 for 12months rental inc vat


Just went in to local branch and complained mildly, manager looked a bit shame-faced and gave me a replacement FOC...Result! :D

The storeman later told me that they'd had a lot of problems with the tap/knob type cylinders leaking.

Apparently they can leak round the packing when the cylinder is on.

He sorted me out a square spindle tap type cylinder and threw in a spindle key too!

Don't have room for a bigger cylinder in my garage...maybe I should move house!

Bob :)

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