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  1. Ive not seen anyone lace a loom with waxed string in years..... Very very nice job, seriously well done....
  2. JLRare gearing up for lots of new models but non of the pressworkers we deal with have heard the slightest whisper of new components for a Defender replacement. Either they are concentrating on big numbers, as you would expect, or it aint going to happen(at least not yet) I also work in a related industry and service JLR in a number of capacities, more recently in évoque production control. We have had a series of 3 way meetings with JLR and tooling / pressing companies. Since scrapping the DC100 idea, the next defender is very close guarded.... Agree with earlier posts defender production is massively labour hungry and therefore very inefficient compared to ALL other LR lines....
  3. This would be fantastic at Pay and Play..... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CUSTOM-CAR-HOT-ROD-ROLLS-ROYCE-4X4-PHANTOM-5-ALL-ALLOY-BODY-LIMOUSINE-PROJECT-/161076665746?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item2580eadd92 Ignor the piccies it looks pretty normal until you read the blurb.....
  4. I agree, although we on this forum tend to be judge, and jury and assume every single hybrid to ever be built is wrong Wrong WRONG, this is not the case, and some of us know this. some assume they know from other ill informed individuals.... We have lots of opinions,all of us, but few have been through the mill, and come out with a clean bill of health..... it is very anoying to the minority or are compliant when you continually see tax exempt 90's that have only ever been 90's....
  5. Good posting.... I have similar experience,. a friends motor built partly by me, called in for vosa exam, built early 90's, failed the test, appealed the test based on age, and granted right to retain original tax exempt number, and taxation status. its a coil spring ARC spec Series 1...... he had owned the vehicle pre coiler chassis, no intention of selling... it strikes me these rules are set to stop essentially ringers, and profit making from the same.... where is the harm if the vehicle is perfectly well contructed, regularly MOT'd, and serviced.... and of course you have bills or history for all your major components..... Answer, the problem is legislation is for idiots who cant follow common sense.....
  6. Expect the SVA police to be along very shortly.... Ere we go again!!!!!
  7. Ozyboy

    LED lights

    A mate has fitted to a quad that is regularly used off road, and I have to say, they looks the dogs..... Although I think they are over priced...
  8. If youd ever been to Mexborough, that would explain everthing..... Also, why dont we have any SVA police commenting, unusual nobody has taken the high ground on the issue...
  9. Ah, that makes sense.... i'll bash one out tonight,,,, Ta...
  10. I am running a RRC 3 speed ZF in an 80 trials motor, and the selector spring has bust, mine runs the early square topped lever. Anyhow its the spring on the bottom of the main selector arm thats bust.... I dismantled it last night, and i can't locate where the spring was connected to. it has a bar inside a tube, and a spring at the bottom of the bar, but nothing to attach it to. Has anyone else had this problem?? I did carefully bend the last hoop of the spring up, in readyness to hook it on something... perhaps the missing component has left the building through the drain hole in the aluminium casting!!! Also, does anyone know if the later side button knob (circa 200 and 300 discos), or the P38 knob are a direct replacement, as this box did not come with the plastic cover for the top of the lever..... Cheers
  11. Simon services at warmfield. Wakefield. 01924 220882. He will have one on the shelf, and not far out of your way. Just off m62 at castle ford way....
  12. Was on the site last night looking at 2012 events list... just checked today and works OK.
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