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Not that I'd know, I've only looked after the Gon2Far website from day 1 and deal with both Nigel, Andy and CPC :rolleyes:

All the coiler stuff is White Peak (Andy) and is now sold through QT, all the leafer stuff has gone to CP Components and the last I heard they are trying to get the Gon2Far website back up (I still have the domain because they haven't given me the info to transfer it yet).

The soundproof mats are (Drew) Wright Offroad.

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I am still in touch with all the split up parts of G2F as I still supply all of them with their hoses.....

Leafsprung G2F now in hands of CPC

Coilsprung G2F ( Andy of Whitepeak ) now in hands of QT Services

Max Traction is a completely different business now in the hands of John Cockburn, and uses my hoses and shocks as well!

Nigel ( original G2F chap ) is still about the place doing his technical design / illustration stuff and currently owns a very hot little Mini van as well as his 109"


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