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Robe Beach Run


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Completed the run from Robe to Beachport on Saturday, in what was almost perfect weather. Despite the best efforts of the greenies, this track is still open to 4wds, and makes a great day's drive. It's always advisable to do this run with at least 2 vehicles, unless you're fond of digging and camping out overnight, so Pete (Peterla on here) had his 200tdi Disco along with me and my 200tdi Defender.

Start point was Robe, heading south for the almost 60km of track along the beach and behind the first row of dunes.

Here's the start of the main run, tyres down to 18psi from here on:


Like I said, nice day:


Not too far along we found a stuck Jeep. He'd done the digging thing, but to be honest, in that sort of sand he could be still digging now and he wouldn't be any closer to recovery. :lol: Although there were plenty of vehicles going along in convoy that could have pulled him out later in the day, we were obviously the first to render assistance. He was of course travelling alone :rolleyes: , but at least came prepared with his own recovery gear should someone need to pull him out.


I elected to winch him out backwards, saving me the effort of having to drive through the mess he'd made with all that digging:


A little later we had to move aside for a Mitsubishi thing to back out of a climb. He was having some er.. "ground clearance" issues :D


This is where it started to get really soft, and a bit steeper:



We found ourselves a good spot to stop for lunch:




With the incoming tide, the beach was getting a bit narrow in places:


Steeper than it looks:



Even with twin lockers, this can be hard work on the little tdi. A V8 and an auto would make life a lot easier:


Pete likes his 200tdi now the boost and fueling have been adjusted :lol::ph34r:


Anyway, there you go. A fun day out (after the 350km drive from Adelaide to get there), and definitely worth doing whilst it's still open. It'll be a shame if the greenies get their way and have it all closed. Do it whilst you can.

Paul :)

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Nice pics. I rememebr doing that same run when I lived in Adelaide. It was my first experience of sand drivnig and was really fun. Not 100% sure but I think the flag poles are just sand markers. The idea being that when going through the dunes other people can see you coming.


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Seeing that sand has brought memories of my one and only trip to Oz

flooding back. Although I never got the chance to drive beaches like

that I saw lots, all of them stunning.

Did do the Alice to Uluru on the back roads via Kings Canyon though.

I'll never get over how remote it felt but 450k of red corrugated track

does get a little.......tedious ???

Next visit has to include something a bit more challenging.

Glad you guys had a great day out.

Not jealous at all...

Not one bit..


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