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Freelander's engine in a series


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Roland at ACR fitted a V6 freelander lump into an 88" - It was in one of the mags, but I threw mine out recently so can't go and have a look sorry...

He put D2 axles on it to for some reason too.

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Marco Cosic's 88 had a Rover 4-pot lump in from a Rover 220, I think the MPi bellhousing he used may allow you to fit a Rover V6 (freelander or 800 series) in there but not 100% sure.

Is that the same conversion plate as for a Prima?

And, that'll be the later Rover 800 V6. The early ones had Honda V6 engines IIRC.

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I have read about the earlier Prima version of the L series diesel in a series 1 so a Freelander L series Diesel will go as long as you can make the electrics work. A defender or disco 200 tdi might be a better option though as I believe they will bolt up to the gearbox with mimimal mods and there are no electrics and has a bit more power and torque than the Freelander diesel.

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