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extra fan

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Hi All,

I have just been instructed by my old man to clear his double garage so he can at least get a car in it,I have been using this as on of my many storage facillities for some years now, And come across a electric fan 320 mm x 320mm and was thinking about instailing it between the grill and the intercooler ofset to one side of the main viscous to aid cooling during towing,

the questions are

1, is it worth it?

2,will it just get in the way of the air flow thus reducing it?

£, just put it on eblag and hope for a tenner?

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300Tdi engines are over cooled anyway and I often take the fan off mine to let it warm up a bit quicker!

I wouldn't bother unless you are bored and looking for something to do as it will be unlikely to make any difference IMHO.

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was thinking i would be wasting my time but for different reasons,

but being bored and having a carling switch with a fan onit comes into it,

but eblag it is



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A small fan on the intercooler will improve the efficiency of it's cooling when moving slowly off-road when there's barely any air flowing through it.


Fair comment Mo think i will fit it see how it goes

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Totally Agree with Bogmonster

It seems the 300tdi runs pretty cool

as stated below my 300Tdi had a enlarged-size Fern intercooler an one of the first thing to be taken off was the viscous fan instead I installed a 12inch electric fan through a relay & toggle switch & lamp on the dash

In Reality i only switch the fax on when in low box at trials and general high revs low speed stuff.

For normal trundling around the engine rarely goes over 88-90c

happy trails


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Well 300tdi's aren't overcooled here! (well, maybe at this time of year they can manage). I have the viscous and an extra fan on the front, it's a Disco a/c fan. When the temps get to 30c and above you need all the cooling you can get, and the tdi radiator is a little on the small side in any case, apart from the design/manufacturing fault that they all have.

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