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no bite on power steering pump braket bolt


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One of the power steer pump bracket bolts that goes through the timing case into the block won't bite. Does that mean the thread is shot ? and does anybodyknow what thread it is please ? It's a long 13 mm bolt. Engine is 4.2 V8. Thanks.

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it is extremely easy to strip threads in a v8 block with steel fasteners. An old block like yours will also suffer terribly from seized bolts- if for example a previous owner snapped a bolt just as it entered the block then they may well have drilled it out (seems quite a common way of removing stuck fasteners- can't stand it as a seized fastener removal method myself).

Both of these factors may mean that the thread is totally stripped- however i would suggest that you make sure you are using the correct bolts- i thought i had the same problem as you and spent ages buying helicoils (and asking people how to use them) only to find i was using a short bolt and not a long bolt!

if you have stripped the thread then yhour only real answer is to fit Helicoils. Please do not glue them in with something like liquid metal or similar as they are a nightmare to fix later on and can't be tightened once the glue has hardened.

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I think the thread is damaged not totally stripped as judging by the hole there is another 3/4" left fo the bolt to go. So hopefully only top couple of threads are damaged ( based on scientific method of sticking bolt in hole and then sticking wire in hole and comparing lengths )

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If its one of the long bolts, then the thread will need to be repaired as those clamp the water passage from the pump………… the bolts normally corrode if water and not coolant has been used in the system for any length of time.

Yes, the thread is 5/16 UNC ………………



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