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  1. I can't seem to nudge enough. Maximum nudge still doesn't clear with the buttons on. What offset from seat box bolt holes to seat bolts onto the RX8 seats have other people used ?
  2. Mine would pull away in 5th while towing a house through the desert ! 😉
  3. That’s why you have trackers and insurance but most thefts aren’t with a crane so you are looking to put off the causal / semi hardened thief that wants something they can get with a screw driver.
  4. I think as long as it’s not dangerous. Throwing exhaust into the car or directly at pedestrians and there aren’t hot bits exposed for kids to touch and it’s not too loud you are good.
  5. I was thinking I would nudge the seats inboard a bit to make sure the buttons don’t hit the door but as I look at the rx8 the drivers one isn’t central to the rails so I need to measure and see how offset seat to steering wheel would be. Maybe a few mm isn’t noticeable when driving.
  6. I was just trying out the rotate function 😉
  7. They look nice. Maybe time mine was a soft top ....
  8. Harder than I thought it would be. Getting there I guess.
  9. Okay worked out how to do a box and put a hole in it and that’s all the rails are so I’m going to give it a go.
  10. I want to see if I can put my rx seat rails into cad to get familiar with cad. autofusion 360 looks good and is free for personal use. I fired it up and tried to see if I could draw anything without a tutorial. I can not. So looking for forum guidance and experience on what’s the current best way to (relatively cheaply) dive into CAD ?
  11. I’m wondering about the rear seat rail to seat runners connection. I was thinking about trying the rails flat but I going to elevate them at the rear to keep my fuel pump wire happy and have the rail extend over the seat box lip for now. Given that I could bolt all the way through the rail but I’m wondering about some sort of threaded insert I could weld in. I could slope the back like the front so I can reach on for a nut or drill an access hole underneath the rail and have it so the seat needs to come out to get the rail off.
  12. Bolt does clear the tracks on movement so that’s good.
  13. I think matching the Rx rail width is the way to go. I think mud rails would be a bit narrow. Need to see if the adjuster will clear the bolt head
  14. As I'm not a mega wincher these days looking to move from my big rear tub hydraulic tank to a small one in the battery tray. Not sure if I should mod the tray or just find a small tank to fit.
  15. Got my other seat box out as that's probably easier than lifting the seat. Just straightening it out a bit. Did some more rail shaping.
  16. I got mine from Nige I think, I can check the box.
  17. I am running edis but have the vw packs to move to. Just need to make a bracket for them ....
  18. I want to put mine there. They are water proof though. I’d like to see what bracket you come up with.
  19. We I say look cool only I mean vs coil packs rather than the dizzy.
  20. Because it’s cool. 🙂 other than that I don’t think you will see that much.
  21. So into the complex world of crimpers and connectors. I looked on the forum and Lois like a minefield. I ideally want a six pin connector with the right crimping tool. The seat move wire looks pretty thick so maybe a 15 amp connection. Anyone have suggestions for tool and connector set to get please ?
  22. Well I hooked up purple and grey and it made moving noises so that looks good.
  23. Okay as it’s an mot requirement that seats move I plan to wire up the drivers for movement. The wire colors are listed as:Seat Motion Grey - +12v Purple - Ground Lumbar Yellow w/red stripe - +12v White w/yellow stripe Ground Seat Heater Blue - +12v So I need to find a pretty relay board to put some relays in and find some heated seat buttons.
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