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  1. mad_pete

    Best engine

    The article makes the case for best for each engine and then gives it opinion at the end.
  2. mad_pete

    Robs 90 called Billy

    Where did you get the sensor from if you don’t mind me asking?
  3. mad_pete

    Heat shield for starter motor v8

    I think that’s where I need to deflect the heat from. Thanks.
  4. I need a heat shield for the starter motor so I can restart the car when it’s hot. I have the 4.2 v8 and front pipes. Will this fit well enough ? https://www.brit-car.co.uk/product.php/86959/2623/heatshield_starter_motor_range_rover_classic
  5. mad_pete

    Robs 90 called Billy

    I found you had to be careful with the reaction speed. If it goes too quick it doesn’t have take the time to see if it’s adjustments works and then chases about as it over adjusts / under adjusts.
  6. mad_pete

    Door mirror glass glue

    Not strictly Land Rover. Door mirror glass has fallen out of my Golf. It’s a heated mirror any suggestions on warm resistant glue or tape to stick it back please ?
  7. mad_pete

    Dash centre console panel pre Td5

    Let me see if i can find measurements the top slope is din and how middle part is effectively double din. DIN (180 x 50 mm panel) I’ll measure length next time I’m in garage.
  8. mad_pete

    HP22 auto gear box loom

    Did the classic have a speed transducer ? My auto has reversing light and ignition inhibitor on a plug on the side of the gearbox and that’s it. Diff lock is off the Transfer case.
  9. The internet suggested 16 lb/ft for rover v8 exhaust manifold bolts. I’m not sure my torque wrench goes that low. Does that matter too much ?
  10. mad_pete

    V8 exhaust manifold bolt torque

    I attacked mine with sandpaper stick to a flat plate so it’s not too bad but maybe I’ll take some more off just to be sure.
  11. mad_pete

    Heat shield for starter motor v8

    Is that the same as this that I have fitted ? if so it’s not fully working for me. In traffic the solenoid overheats and won’t engage. Think I need something on the side perhapp.
  12. mad_pete

    V8 exhaust manifold bolt torque

    My manifold is slightly uneven so I might strip things before it seals.
  13. mad_pete

    4.2 Rover V8 Exhaust gaskets

    https://www.lrdirect.com/ETC4524-Gasket-Exhaust-Manifold-To-Pipe-Ef/ Thanks does seem an element of mark up for ones from Land Rover though. I was having trouble on the part number but seems I found one that works now.
  14. I have a 4.2 LSE engine in my 90 and I need this exhaust gasket https://www.roverparts.com/Parts/ETC4524K2 and this exhasut gasket https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LAND-RANGE-ROVER-V8-EXHAUST-MANIFOLD-GASKET-SET-3-5-3-9-4-0-4-2-4-6L-/201772368133 Where is a good place to get quality ones from please ?
  15. All, anyone have guidance on how to purchase magnacore leads for squirted V8 with coil packs at front. Do I have to measure current ones and go custom or is their a pack that fits please?
  16. Broke my alternator and split an oil cooler pipe. It’s a v belt alternator. Is that straight forward to order replacement or did Land Rover produce loads of variants ? Also need oil cooler pipes. I have Rover 4.2 to Defender in rad cooler. Can I get pipes off the shelf or do I need them made ?
  17. mad_pete

    New alternator and oil cooler pipes required

    The alternator did come back on after a few hits with a hammer, maybe clean it out and new brushes ?
  18. mad_pete

    Sailsbury Plain

    Had a great day on the plain thanks for the links and advice.
  19. mad_pete

    Sailsbury Plain

    Thinking about a trip out to Salisbury Plain next weekend. Anything to watch out for ? Lro had some routes in it, see if I can find those.
  20. mad_pete

    The new Defender is now pointless

    https://www.halfords.com/kids-zone/ride-on-toys/electric-ride-ons/land-rover-defender-6v-electric-ride-on-car?istCompanyId=b8708c57-7a02-4cf6-b2c0-dc36b54a327e&istItemId=-xwwariiwtt&istBid=t&_$ja=tsid:94971|cid:1492666992|agid:57866634376|tid:aud-80976661069:pla-371250140596|crid:285009191502|nw:g|rnd:1387728698393750781|dvc:m|adp:1o1|mt:|loc:1007203&gclid=Cj0KCQiAj4biBRC-ARIsAA4WaFjEPhhTRE3a6HLXwJIfGUHywznNQks8-sevPvMhLEDSB2lUCSs9Tz4aArtJEALw_wcB There you go. £50 for electric defender.
  21. mad_pete

    Broken indicator clamp

    The clamp for the indicator stalk has parted company with itself. is there any fix that can be done or is it new one time ?
  22. mad_pete

    Broken indicator clamp

    It would appear I am in with most people on this one. Thanks. I did a test turn to check it clicks and cancels the same in both direction but arrow makes a lot of sense.
  23. mad_pete

    Broken indicator clamp

    So I didn’t fix it. I realised the indicator return wasn’t fully working either so got a new one. However am I right in thinking the cancel bars on the wheel should be top and bottom ? Do in need to drill some new ones. (the wheel won’t line up by moving it on boss). That’s the wheel straight but obvisusly other way round.
  24. mad_pete

    side window vents

    Having my dashboard in pieces I now get to marvel at the engineering that is pipe in hole to windscreen for the vents. Surely side vent mod is just this ? http://www.retroanaconda.com/landrover/2011/11/defender-side-window-demisters/ Anyone who has looked at it find neat adaptors for the entry into the box and neat vents for the end panels ? Do the puma ones fit? https://www.exmoortrim.co.uk/our-models/defender/defender-110/defender-110-puma-2007-onwards/accessories/genuine-landrover-end-vents-lh-rh.html

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