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  1. Cuts nicely. A lot of saw for the price. I’m wonder how you cut small stuff on it the clamps seem pretty far out and the rest is the no hands here one.
  2. Called support, should just be the brushes bedding in. See how we go 🙂
  3. Here it is. Put the handle on upside down to start with but altogether now. Getting a burning smell from just the blade spinning (not cutting), wondering if that’s some oil burning off or more of an issue.
  4. Do an outrageous conversion of some sort 😉
  5. Very imPRESSive. (I thank you) youtube has some videos. I have a bottle jack in a frame was thinking would help with my door pin removal.
  6. Ordered this one Evolution Power Tools R255SMS+ Compound Saw with Multi-Material Cutting, 45° Bevel, 50° Mitre, 300 mm Slide, 2000 W, 255 mm, 220-240 V, (3-Years Warranty) https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07BRPWJVZ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_jDrYEb0T98VN6
  7. I don’t have any bins I can raid so I need to buy in some metal. I need some box section for some seat rails so I might as well get a few other bits as well. What else is useful size and grades for general Land Rover and bracketing ?
  8. I think the rage 2 and rage 4 can chop at an angle but you have to change the vice round. ah just read up on cut differences I see now. also looked that they use on Project Binky - it’s the rage 3 - so I’m sold now I need a face shield with ear defenders ...
  9. Okay nearly talked into getting a Rage 3. Nearly there. Lock down has brought out the woodworker in me.
  10. Thanks lots of good choices. I have some 3 inch tube I want cutting. Could the rage 3 nibble its way round that if it was rotated or is that rage 2 size territory ?
  11. I think it’s based on the later defender hinges rather than the earlier type and they are deemed ‘heavy duty’
  12. Okay these look at a price point I can live with as a backup https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/113108794015
  13. This is the thread I guess step on is see if the pins will move.
  14. That’s the plan. But I might also plan for new hinges. Where is good to get some from ? Not the £300 stainless sets 🙂 Drill the top and tap the bottom. Trying to find the old thread that talks about it.
  15. Thinking of getting one of these for light metal and wood cutting. https://www.screwfix.com/p/evolution-rage4-1250w-185mm-electric-chop-saw-230v/97351 Anyone got one ? Any good ?
  16. I have a wobbly door hinge, a repair bolt of the right length, a pillar drill and a tap and dieset and no idea what I’m doing. so i am looking for the dummies guide to hinge repair seen the process from a couple of places but I’m not quite following it so looking to make a fool proof guide here. so step 1 take hinge off. whats step 2 and what size hammer do I need ?
  17. You’ve seen the 70th edition right ? 🙂
  18. That’s fair enough but that’s all quite solvable. Even spending an hour at motorway services once a week that’s do-able. Not ideal but do-able. Where as if we had to move to steam cars that I think is deal breaker stuff :-).
  19. 150 miles is plenty for the most of the masses. If oil ran out tomorrow (ignoring issues on planes and shipping) and I had to switch to an electric 90 (cost aside) I could do that no problem. If I drive 300 miles in one go I need to plan on some charge stops. Takes a bit longer but that’s okay. It’s very usable right now. Not exactly ICE in all cases but it’s not like these things are milk floats. I think it’s partly people think like petrol stations but with electric I’m at home I’m refuelling, I’m at work I can be refuelling, I go shopping I can be refuelling.
  20. Pretty sure when the first car came along it was expensive, short range and struggled with infrastructure. Frankly I’m pleased to see it being done. Will it get to a price point and practicality that suits all? I doubt it but proves it can be done and certain cases it is viable. Things tend to only get better from there. I’d like mine to be electric but mine is already massively impractical so a bit more wouldn’t make much difference. 🙂
  21. https://youtu.be/9VWDqq4JsrA
  22. We could, it will be closely monitored. I think lockdown has taken an amount out and R0 is running below 1 at the moment. The lowest risk items can start back up. If it comes to it the Government can provide increased motivations for people to follow the rules and if it looks second wave it’s back to less contact.
  23. Or I can pull apart random things I find in the house or shed ...
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