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  1. That’s the area I’m thinking. I’ve seen tip back done but in the truck cab there is only one way to go. I did try and get on with bolting in but the chuck slipped off my pillar drill and I think I need to smooth the taper a touch first.
  2. It’s pto and tank is on the rear wheel arch currently. More pipe is more cooling 🙂 do people make specific ones to fit that gap ? Mines a 90.
  3. I’m looking to downsize my monster 30 l hydraulic tank to something a bit smaller and lighter. I have seen some that fit next to the battery in the battery box. Could I measure it and get something roughly the right size ? Any other places out of the load bed a cheeky tank could go ?
  4. The issue with the battery access for tings like I got the exhaust welded and they wanted to disconnect the battery or for events (although hard core winch challenge days may be behind me 🙂 ) Marshall’s want to see the battery is bolted in. I have an external charge point and a battery cut off I could put in but I like to be able to get at the battery box easily if possible.
  5. I think it does look different but I can only tell so much from one picture of a black car taken at night in the rain 🙂 I didn’t think the list looked that spendy until I saw the brake kit and the leather retrim and then I was like yeah okay. Looks good to me. Probably what my to do wish list would look like. Good luck with it. 🙂
  6. Things to achieve : 1) I do want to bolt the seats in. It’s been months I want to get the seats in 2) I want to make sure it’s safe, these are heavier seats don’t want to be the filling in a seat / seat belt sandwich. 3) I want them fairly level and get a good seating position for me, I’ve got some angry tissue at the top front of my hip that protests about thighs above hips bucket seat position. If this does work I might think about changing the truck cab to get some extra space but seats first. 4) I want to have the doors shut and ideally the drivers adjust buttons st
  7. Thanks for the post. That was the original plan but they just took my money and gave me the run around for weeks. I have indeed proceeded to label them weasels. Still credit company got my money back that was good. I’m now considering giving up least effort and go all the way to telescoping rails for battery box access in the truck cab. Anyone offer a consulting engineering service here ? 🙂 (in return for money as as mentioned I have some back for the project)
  8. I’ve had mine spend basically the whole year in the garage and fail the mot. Even standing still time still takes a toll. I’m sure some of the cars that are mot exempt will be throughly checked but I can’t see them all being done. There is a reason mot testers are trained, certified and have nice big ramps.
  9. What sort of console do they want and how much they want to spend ? halfords do cup holders and I’m sure retropower type company could whip something up for a good chunk of cash. I’m not sure any cars really do retro fits. Do you have any examples of cars in last 10 years that do big retro fit items ?
  10. Well that’s more like it. Shall we do a forum team group buy ? 🙂
  11. I’ve cut some rails to mount on. I’m now weighing up which bolt holes to use so I can actually reach them to do up. I have a truck cab at the moment so the seats won’t go back much anyway. I don’t know to pick up the front bolt to the rx seat or mount them to the rail and then the rail to the seat box. (also wondering about the viability of a sliding rail system that secures from the side that would let me get at most of the battery box.....)
  12. Just to round out the thread I really like the drill press I have but I would say go new. The old ones are great the solid feel is lovely but parts can be tricky and can turn into a project. New ones I think are close enough. If you are the person that likes projects then great if you just want a drill get a new one. I know this view will vary but that is the view I’ve come to for myself. My tempted by list was : https://www.warco.co.uk/drilling-machines-bench-pillar-drills/302911-2f-floor-standing-drill-drilling-machine.html (Found Warco was a bit varia
  13. £400 million a year is a fair bit. I think at some point if you own a massively profitable company and land rovers aren’t costing you enough this is a good scale up money spend option.
  14. Yes the world has problems of our own making. It usually does but that’s not to say People can’t find some happiness or strive to make it a better place. So I think what we are saying is have a diesel generator in the caravan ? Or start Airbnb for 4.6 l range rovers for people with electric cars to use on holiday ? or have the train tow it like it says in Bill Gates book ? I’ve maybe lost the thread a little......
  15. Means you get vip tickets to give out to help smooth getting the big contracts .....
  16. The company needs to make a name for itself and this is that put the name on someone’s T-shirt that strengthens the brand. Straight business contracts aren’t quite the same and that’s why I think military is different. Military contracts from what I understand take a long time to go through and you aren’t allowed to announce anything if it’s in progress. Mountain Rescue would be good but risky. These are early vehicles and having someone injured left on the mountain because the vehicle broke down would be a disaster. Carrying a puncture kit up a hill should look a bit rug
  17. You aren’t going to market tie into the military. 🙂 Coke proudly sponsoring nuclear subs..... This is the bit of fluff to get the Execs of the a mentioned groups interested. I see would beating Cycle team maybe I’m interested, I see Farmer drives straw through field that’s fine but maybe not quite the same hook. I’m sure we will have adverts featuring those in due course but they only probably have 5 working cars and want maximum visibility ability for minimum budget. Difficult to sign people up to something you don’t have yet.
  18. What would you like them to market tie into ?
  19. Population is slowing down, https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2019/06/17/worlds-population-is-projected-to-nearly-stop-growing-by-the-end-of-the-century/%3famp=1 Get some robot helpers, ease up on the emissions a bit more and good to go for another 100 years.
  20. Surely you need a Tesla caravan that has additional batteries to feed the towing car ? 🙂
  21. That’s funny. Land Rover our shape is so iconic we must protect it. Then most people from the picture are like it’a a Jeep right ?
  22. I don’t think the fact the defender is out of production matters. Land Rover have gone oi that’s our box shape ! We are that ones that copied Willy’s Jeep, not you. and the judge is like dude it’s a box..... The defender I think had to change and if you are going to change it go all in. The new mini isn’t exactly very like for like for the old one in my opinion.
  23. How did you make those mounts ? They are cool. I only held my Range Rover air springs On at one end. I think the shocks should cover it ?
  24. If it mounts at the back that would be great. I have a front mount one but seeing if I can get a shorter loom run. Thanks.
  25. I have Nige’s lovely laser cut brackets but I need something to bolt them to at the back. 🙂
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