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  1. mad_pete

    Simply Land Rover

    Went to Simply Land Rover yesterday. Saw some nice 100 inch defenders and others. Seemed a bit quiet this year but maybe that’s because I came later and did less. Anyone else go down?
  2. mad_pete

    Plower electric Defender

    I’d do mine if it was affordable enough. Orange 90 defender in the charge spots at car parks. 🙂
  3. mad_pete

    Ms1 to ms3 upgrade

    Thinking of upgrading my ms1 to ms3. I can't really justify it but I don't think that will stop me. :-)
  4. mad_pete

    Ms1 to ms3 upgrade

    I’ll leave at the front for now I think. I would think I could shorten the loom if I needed to move them back later. Anyone know the the leads I need ? I think Nige is still catching up from holiday I couldn’t get hold of him to see what leads he is selling. Also need a decent run cable route from behind the seat into the engine bay.
  5. mad_pete

    Ms1 to ms3 upgrade

    Thinking about moving the coil packs to the back of the engine but I do have dreams of squeezing a v8 110 air box in there. I see a lot of people running at the front but Land Rover went with the back didn’t they ?
  6. mad_pete

    Truck cab headlining

    Anyone tried these ? They seem a good price. https://www.oemdevelopments.co.uk/store/c59/Head_Linings.html
  7. mad_pete

    Ms1 to ms3 upgrade

    MS3 to drive without edis needs a different input voltage. Looks like the megasquirt v8 shop lists them as VWs Audi Skodas etc P/Ns : 032905106E 032905106B etc and some brackets and leads maybe I’m going shopping when it re opens Monday. 🙂
  8. mad_pete

    Ms1 to ms3 upgrade

    Seems I would need to swap to VW coils and leads to get s 5v input. Anyone know what the part numbers are for the VW coils and leads please?
  9. mad_pete

    Truck cab headlining

    Got through but the factory has been a pickle for them I think I will try LaSalle
  10. mad_pete

    ABS retro fit

    It’s not like you don’t get at least one wheel on the ground and as long as it goes round I think you are literally good to go. 🙂
  11. mad_pete

    Old vice advice

    All, Got what looks like Samsonia Perfect No 38 J with 5 1/4 Jaws. The quick release is missing but it turns okay. Took one of the jaws off and it's broken and looks like it has some damage to the screw, Not sure whether to clean and paint it for use or if I'm best of doing something else.
  12. mad_pete

    3.9i ECU location in Defender

    Mine went on the rear bulkhead and was from a rangie.
  13. mad_pete

    Squeaky mud dash

    I have a screen mounted in my mud dash and I think the extra weigh is causing some squeaking. Also my side brackets don’t sit flat. When I tighten the panels it pulls the bottom edge up slightly so it’s only resting on the back corners. Has anyone done any re enforcing on theirs to stop any wiggling ?
  14. mad_pete

    Truck cab headlining

    So I did try them, ordered in January, still don’t have it and can’t get through on phone, email or Facebook so it’s not looking good.
  15. mad_pete

    Best engine

    The article makes the case for best for each engine and then gives it opinion at the end.
  16. mad_pete

    Robs 90 called Billy

    Where did you get the sensor from if you don’t mind me asking?
  17. mad_pete

    Heat shield for starter motor v8

    I think that’s where I need to deflect the heat from. Thanks.
  18. I need a heat shield for the starter motor so I can restart the car when it’s hot. I have the 4.2 v8 and front pipes. Will this fit well enough ? https://www.brit-car.co.uk/product.php/86959/2623/heatshield_starter_motor_range_rover_classic
  19. mad_pete

    Robs 90 called Billy

    I found you had to be careful with the reaction speed. If it goes too quick it doesn’t have take the time to see if it’s adjustments works and then chases about as it over adjusts / under adjusts.
  20. mad_pete

    Door mirror glass glue

    Not strictly Land Rover. Door mirror glass has fallen out of my Golf. It’s a heated mirror any suggestions on warm resistant glue or tape to stick it back please ?
  21. mad_pete

    Dash centre console panel pre Td5

    Let me see if i can find measurements the top slope is din and how middle part is effectively double din. DIN (180 x 50 mm panel) I’ll measure length next time I’m in garage.
  22. mad_pete

    HP22 auto gear box loom

    Did the classic have a speed transducer ? My auto has reversing light and ignition inhibitor on a plug on the side of the gearbox and that’s it. Diff lock is off the Transfer case.
  23. The internet suggested 16 lb/ft for rover v8 exhaust manifold bolts. I’m not sure my torque wrench goes that low. Does that matter too much ?
  24. mad_pete

    V8 exhaust manifold bolt torque

    I attacked mine with sandpaper stick to a flat plate so it’s not too bad but maybe I’ll take some more off just to be sure.

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