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Vibration at 80.....

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Got a lot more serious yesterday and I limped the 110 home....

Jumped underneath to find this !!!



Not gonna bother trying to mend that ! :)

New prop will be as cheap as getting someone to sort it for me.....


(Anyone want a spare front prop... Let me know.. It's free to anyone who wants it..)

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If I had the kit here I'd have a go..

I'll get some UJ's Ralph and we can have a crack at your gaff then.... Can add it to my list of spares I carry to do a day offroad....

Front Prop

Panhard Rod (With new bushes)

Spare V8 in case of rain

20 litres WD40

200 metres blue paper towel

120 litres extra fuel (for the 20 mile run to next petrol station)

That'll give you Diseasel peeps something to laff at....

I know it's good in the wet.. You just don't have faith...


(U got part numbers for them then Ralph ?)

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