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Lost a Valve Stem Cap

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One of my valves stuck, valve stem cap came off now its gone. Can only pressume its gone south down the push rod hole. How the hell do I get it out / check.


ED: I know I can take the head off but am looking for a quicker fix as I've just put a new head gasket on

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If it's down in the sump, then it'll probably just stay there forever without causing any damage. You would need to drop the sump to retrieve it. With the cap missing, the tappet/top of the valve stem gets quite damaged.




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if its gone down a push rod hole then i dont think theres room for it to get past the cam followers, i'd remove the pushrods and then look down the holes to find it.

i'd be more concerned with why the valve stuck to cause the problem.

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Caps can crack when the cam belt snaps and the bits usually disappear never to be seen again. Usually people don't worry about it and I've yet to hear about an engine going bang because of one ending up where it shouldn't.

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