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In memory of Scott Williams

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It is with sadness that I write of the loss of a great friend.

Scott Williams was an inspiration and friend to everyone who met him.

During his youth he excelled in the show jumping ring and represented England, Wales, and Ireland. At the age of 14 he recovered from a brain tumour operation and carried on his life without looking back, he was a keen fisherman and spent many sleepless nights on the riverbank in pursuit of bigger and bigger Carp. The shooting season was also a highlight for Scott and he would spend as much time as possible either in the rearing pens on the Badminton estate, beating with his dogs or behind a gun as a guest of the Duke.

Having known Scott from a very young age it was his passion for offroading that allowed me to spend so much time with him. We entered our first winch challenge at Burnsworthy manor over three years ago and progressed from there.


Unfortunately just after a his 17th Birthday a routine scan showed another tumour but despite this Scott and his Dad Steve built a challenge truck and competed in many events with CSW, Adventure 4X4 and at the Munster 4x4 Three Peaks Challenge. In March 07 they ventured North with other members of BWORC for the muddy truckers and followed the Bristol teams every step of the way.

Scott passed away in the early hours of 16th May at home with his Parents Steve and Carole, and his sister Jade.

They would like to thank everyone who has made his time offroading enjoyable.

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It is a very sad loss and along with his family we will miss Scott with a passion , His strong spirit made him a very popular part of our team and he lived for his off roading and outdoor activities .

For the few years that I have known Scott I have admired his inspiration and attitude towards every thing thats he has come accross , especially if we were doing or watching a challenge or just a bit of laneing and spotted someone that was not putting enough effort in He would simply shout to them no matter who they were "Nail it you Pr**k" and that phrase had stuck with him ever since .

Scott liked to be out with the lads on a jolly ,and one of the first events that we all did together was the Belgium National in 2005 , But I think the highlight for us all was the Muddy Truckers in Duns ,Scotland March 2007 , Scott and His dad Steve didnt get an entry to compete but with thanks to James Feeny they were permitted to follow us as Marshalls and follow they did .

All our thoughts are with Scotts Parents and family who have made every part of Scotts life worth living .

God Bless you Scott .


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