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Removing Rear Windows

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I want to remove the rear slinding windows in the back of my 110 CSW.

Is there a replacement panel available to fit or will i need to fix a piece in and then fill over it and re-spray?

I still want to keep the rear doors the same just take out the ones in the load bed.

A bit like the new 110 Utillity.

By the way i have a very early 110 so it has the series door tops and the series style rear windows, if i cant remove them can i fit some of the later spec slinding windows in their place or will i need to replace the entire side panel?

Any ideas?



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Guest diesel_jim
88" hard top side panels are what you want, they're the same length as the rear panel of a 110 apparently.

correct! series 2/3 88" side panels fit right in.

shame as i've just sold a pair for £20!

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Ooops !

Thought you meant others options for windows rather than remove completely :lol:

Fuel cap is a Newton Aerofit (I Fink ) part from Think Automotive in isleworth,

non vented lockable and water proof,

connects into a matching ali machined funnel (also from them)

Minor mods to fit into the hole when the old LR Cr*p stuff is removed

Drill and few holes and tad of filling

then this lot joins into the big bore hose, which has a T piece in it I made going to a breather with a roll over valve.

Means I don't need to worry about water in fuel :)


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