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Rear Bumper Fabrication


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Morning all,

I want to make an HD rear bumper for the RR. It will have two recovery hoops and will have a fairlead mounted to it for the rear winch. It will not carry the winch itself - that is mounted in a cradle within the chassis rails.

I really want some 100 x 70 x 5 box or maybe 100 x 100 x 5 box. The stockholders round here don't carry either and will only get in whole lengths (7.5m) which is slightly more than I will need!!

So, can anyone point me in the direction of a source of about 2.5 m of the stuff? Cash waiting and all that!


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All sorted now - a very nice man has come to my aid! :rolleyes::blink:

Will - back to back is OK for bending strength, but recovery points can be a pain if the wall thickness isn't up to it....

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