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Rubber bonnet jobbies

Northern Paul

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Hi all,

I am in the process of tidying up an ex-military 90 and the spare wheel mounting on the bonnet is surrounded by 4 rubber bits for the spare wheel to rest on. They are either perished or missing - can one of you fine folk advise where I could get replacements from?

Thanks in advance, Paul

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Les; were their different deluxe bonnets over the years? I have the chassis of a early 68 SIIa, but who knows what year the different body panels are from. I have a deluxe bonnet with the dished out section for the spare tyre fitted on my truck. But it does not match the above picture. It does not have the provisions for the "Y" strap, and instead of round bumpers , it has four rectangular ones. Each bumper has two rivets holding it to the bonnet. Thanks.

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Western; I believe so. One of my mates has a 1973 SIII, and his looks the same. In addition, my bonnet hinges to the firewall are not the same color as the bonnet, leading me to believe that they were changed to fit my bonnet to the bulkhead. I hope I can still fit my SIIA breakfast to the truck with this bonnet installed.

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The page picture I have posted is parts from the 'Optional Extras' Parts manual. I have the normal parts catalogue as well but couldn't find the ones you are referring to. If it's any help - the small rectangular pads of rubber that go between the rear body supports and the floor are this same shape and are also held in place by two rivets.


These things are only 2 1/2" x 1 1/4", so smaller than the things you want.


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the rubbers you need lok like black rubber cotton reels which bolt to the bonnet from underneath.

I reckon Craddocks might be the best place to try??

Like these?


This is on an ex-mil 110 and I think the number is MRC4619 and they're called 'buffers' although I haven't actually tried to buy one (as you can see one of mine is missing the top nub, which is what goes inside the lip of the rim and prevents the wheel moving around). There is also a P/N 336473 but I think those are much thinner (possibly for the Series?) and would not allow the wheel to clear the bonnet dish even if they fitted.

I came across a write-up in one of the Norcal Rover Club newsletters that shows the whole kit (STC7633) if you want to check that nothing else is missing




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