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Turbo for 2.25 Diesel?

sea daddy

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I have a LWB with the 2.25 Diesel, can you add a turbo to that engine? I saw an 84 that supposedly had the 2.25 with a turbo....would love to get a little more top end speed, a diesel may give me that.

Depending on what you currently have (asuuming it is petrol form your comment) then a 5-bearing 2.25 petrol will most likely go faster in a straight line than teh diesel.

But to make it more relaxed, an overdrive and 7.50x16 tyres help a lot by bringing the torque curve of the engine to a more helpful place.

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from another post (parabolics) i see you have a santana. some versions of the santana sIII, the "super" i believe, had a 2.25D with turbo, along with other "goodies", like disc brakes, PAS, etc

unless you're a lucky guy, maybe it would be easier (and better) to fit a 2.5 or 2.5TD, than find the original turbo for the 2.25?

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I've had a 88" IIA running a 2.25D with a Holset H1 turbo since the mid-90's. It was modified from a kit (from TB Turbos in Lancaster) which was designed for a 2.5NAD. At 5 psi boost, the engine has survived 35K miles. I've had only one piston failure (early on) due to a stuck waste gate and 13psi boost!

Performance is ok, but there are easier ways to get improved performance - 2.5NAD, 2.5TD, 200/300Tdi - all of which will be more reliable and overall lower cost if you have to refurbish an old 2.25D first!

Bottom line is I wouldn't bother with a turbo on the 2.25D these days.

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