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Battery clamp

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Following some earlier threads I am applying myself to replacing the missing battery clamp for The Beastie. I got a universal clamp from VWP and took out the battery expecting to find attachment points as had been suggested.

To the front (just under the +ve cable) there are two slots but they seem to not be connected. To the rear it looks very much like a PO bodge of a completely unknown nature. Earlier in the year I gave it a quick wire brushing and coated the bottom with Hammerite but it would seem to have been insufficient.

Am I best marking where the rods would go, drilling a hole and then cutting off the bent part of the rod and putting a thread on it and bolting it from underneath. Would it need a strengthening bar underneath? Presumably then cover it with grease or hammerite to keep the grot out. Or is there a better approach?

I also assume that in due course I am going to have to get a new base welded in - or am I there already?

Thanks and best wishes



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underneath [outside] the battery box should be a small welded on box, in the battery bay this should have 2 slots above it, the rear J bolt should hook into 1 slot & the short end should be able to hook itself through the other slot when the nuts are tightened, must sort out a clamp for my batteries too.

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As a side note, what is the standard battery number / physical size for my Defender 200TDi 1993?

It came with a Halfords battery that is the right Amp Hours but is the wrong physical size for the battery clamp to hold on to. Recall that battery have numbers like HB053 etc??? What is the right one for my vehicle, will need to source one to fit the battery clamp and hence pass its MOT.

Thanks, Jon.

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Clamp it down, if you do any sort of competition it will be checked.

If you off road you don't want it to come out or roll over, battery acid is not good for you and I've seen what a battery does when a car hits armco at over 100 mph and the battery comes adrift.

You don't want to be there till afterwards and then not touch anything.

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My battery I just measured the hole and asked for the biggest one that would fit, you can't have too much capacity. Any decent battery supplier / motor factors should be able to sell you a Durite universal battery clamp, this is a whole £2.42 from VWP:


You just drill two holes and poke the rods through. Or you could do as Nige has and make a clamp up from 8mm plate and four huge HT bolts :lol:

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Thanks, do you know what the physical shape/shell code is, since currently it has the correctly rated battery installed bu thte wrong shape to take the clamp correctly.


try a type 072, SAE590, or a 074 any of the current batteries that are available will/should fit.

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