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EP9 Help needed


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Hi there!

I'm in the process of fitting an EP9 to the front of the Jimny. The bumper I've got requires it to be fitted feet forward, so I need to rotate the freespool lever round so i can access it.

Has anyone had to do this before or got any tips on how best to do this? I've read in a couple of places that if things move apart a few too many mil then things can go wrong quite quicky.

I was planning on standing it up on its end, so's gravity is on my side, and lifting it the bare minimum to move it through 90 degrees. I just want to make sure there isn't an easier way before I do it, or that I'm being paranoid for no reason... :blink:

All advice greatly received!

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now if im understanding you right, you mean you need to mount it like a 8274 mounts feet up on the bit of the bumper where the cable goes ?

afink you can rotate the whole gearbox around on the drum suport, but i honestly remember if the holes will line up or not, but ino that the gearbox unbolts from drum support

its been a long time since i messed with a ep as im now a 8274 lover :lol:

ill see if i can pinch a friends winch and have a fiddle with it to see if its possable unless someone beats me too it :unsure:


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It's very easy, the three socket heads that hold the brake housing on are long and go all the way through the gearbox housing, remove these and then take off the brake housing, you should then see the other six gearbox bolts sunk into the gearbox housing removing these six bolts will allow you to rotate the housing to your desired position. You won't be able to rotate it exactly 90 degrees but you should be able to get a suitable position.

When you reassemble be aware the drive shaft may have come out of the motor, it can be a bit of a fiddle to get the shaft and brake all aligned, just make sure all the housings go together by hand, you do not want to be closing any gaps by tightening bolts!

Hope that makes sense :blink:


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