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2.5TD to 200 Tdi

90 Mellis

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i am doing the same conversion at the moment. From the last one we did on DSNs motor you can use the tdi one but it will read low on the def gauge (thats with a disco engine) What engine variety is yours?

I am not sure if a 200tdi def engine with def temp sensor will work as normal with the td guage.

i am currently doing a disco 200 into a def and am going to try it first with the disco 200 sender, then with a def 200 sender then with a TD sender.

Note the td sender will NOT go straight into the existing thread, you will need to re do it, 5/8UNF from the thread on the int forum at the moment.

TD sender : PRC3559

Def 200tdi: PRC 8593

dont know the MPN for a disco 200 sender as already have on of those!

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Not sure of this helps but when i fitted my 200tdi disco engine in to my 2a swb i used an adaptor pt no ERC 8973 about £5 from a lr dealer. This threads in to the 200tdi head and allows me to use my series sender unit so keeping the correct reading.

the adaptor was originally fitted to the 2.5 petrol engines that were fitted to 90's

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only have the fuel filter to mount and the air filter to sort now.

ref the temp sender, its the same thread (or appears to be) but the 'probe' is longer so the thread wont go all the way in. i screwed mine in first time with PTFE tape on it, didn't over tighten it and its fine, all connected up , no leaks and good as std one.

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