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Engine Oil question.


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I have a 1966 2a, 109 petrol 2.25. The engine is in perfect condition, after I rebuilt it 8000 miles ago.

I am taking her to Morocco in 2 weeks, and will be driving her all the way there and hopefully back again. Currently she is running with Halfords 20w 50 classic motor oil, its traditional low detergent 'green lube' and is advertised as being particularly suitable for older design engines.

I have also tried Castrol GTX 10w 40 in the past.

The only difference I can report is that the GTX oil pressure is lower when the engine is hot at 3000 rpm, showing about 50psi on the guage. On the Halfords 20w 50 it shows 58 psi

Considering that she will be doing about 4500 miles in the next month, much of it in the desert, which oil would you use?


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I would use the 20w 50 myself.

10w 40 may be a little on the thin side if it gets worked hard and hot. Not just in Morrocco, but on the long sustained drive through Europe and back. The higher viscosity 20w 50 will be less likely to leak through any oil seals too.



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I have a series IIA 1968 petrol 2.25 Land Rover which is waiting for some engine oil. I gathered from the correspondence above that 20/50 would be a good choice. So I went and got some.

My problem right now is I cannot identify the oil filler. I see two opennings in the engine; One is on the engine cover (which is very hard to open and I am reluctant to use excessive force in case I break something). The other is on the right side of the engine. I can remove the cover but I do not see any sign of oil in there. So which one is it? Please help.

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Its a long time since I looked at a 2286 petrol, but on the diesel, there is a filler tube on the drivers side of the engine, which has what looks like a rad cap on the top. You may have a rocker cover with a filling point, this is usually a plastic cap, orange I think, and IIRc it screws in.

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Early to mid 2a have a fixed breather(to atmosphere) on the rocker cover that is retained by a peg bolt & a push on/pull off breather cap(to atmosphere) on the oil filler tube.

Late 2a/3 have a fixed breather(to the inlet system) on the rocker cover that is retained by a peg bolt & a twist on/twist off cap(sealed) on the oil filler tube.

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