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Anybody know if Pete Mate is ok?


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The tv company i2i still have him listed on their website Peter Walker and you can e-mail him, so I guess he's okay :)

Many thanks for the link...

And the page that that link points to was last modified on October 9th 2007 so I guess he is well - love the picture BTW - heart condition and eating a jam filled doughnut!

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Where you bin watching this, I have heard about it but yet to find it. I subscribe to all the discovery channels via a "special" box ;)

I bought it on DVD I'm afraid. I don't have satellite - it costs too much in cash & time, both of which would be better spent on my Range Rover...

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I think that must be on a constant loop on Australian TV. :D Its always on down here

I saw the one the other day when he took it to Bricklyn Farm.

Got me all home sick as that was my local play place and where i used to go with tonk to test our new mods to our trucks

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