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Heard on the news tonight that BMW has won a court case to close a footpath and/or a bridleway which runs across its land (wasn't clear whether it was one or two rights of way, they first called it a footpath, then a bridleway). They want to expand production and need the land. The Ramblers Association and the Horseriders took them on, and lost. I feel sorry for the horseriders, but it's one in the eye for the RA - they don't like it up 'em Mr Mainwaring.

BMW have to be fair offered to reroute it, but the new proposed route goes "near" a main road. Shame. Apparently the majority of people who used the old ROW were BMW employees on their way to or from work anyway.

Good news is that it cost the RA "tens of thousands of pounds" in legal costs.

The RA spokesman said they fought the court case to protect access to rights of way - hypocrite.

I might even let a BMW driver out of a side road tomorrow just for that.

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Whilst I have less regard for the RA that I do dog excrement I was surprised having seen the local news that they failed.

It is a tarmaced ROW connecting Blackbird Lees to the open countryside. The alternative route goes for nearly a mile down the Oxford bypass so hardly suitable for horses, however I haven't noticed much in the way of stabling facilities on Blackbird Lees, one of the areas less ruley Council estates.

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:lol::lol::lol: At last the Ramblers lose, costs awarded against them as well stupid buggers.


Cost them £20,000.00 and the British Horse Society £30,000.00 in Council costs, why object to what was effectively a dead end being rerouted :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

But would we all be so ecstatic if it was a Byway ?

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