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testing viscous diff out of car


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Your Workshop Manual definately can, both give you the answer, a method, and the figures to expect.

Specifically, Range Rover Classic, Section 41, Transfer box, Overhaul.

Viscous unit - rolling resistance

Bench check

NOTE: Testing should be carried out in an ambient of 20 °C.

9. Secure the output shaft in a vice fitted with soft jaws, gripping the shaft on the drive flange splines.

10. With the viscous unit still installed in the front output housing place the assembly on the rear output shaft spline.

11. Apply a clockwise torque of 27 Nm to output flange nut. If no resistance to turn is felt, unit requires replacing.

12. If resistance to turn is felt, apply a clockwise torque of 20Nm,to output flange nut for 1 minute, this should result in a rotation of approximately 25° - 30°. If no rotation or a greater force is required, unit requires replacing.


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Get two big levers, jam one in between the propshaft bolts on the output shaft, then try to turn the front output with a similar bar between the front prop bolts. You should be able to turn it with some effort. I have just bought two BW and tried both using two pry bars about 18 inch long. One was seized so pice came down accordingly ! :rolleyes::rolleyes:

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