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Temp. gauges/ general cooling fun


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Im struggling to get an accurate reading of temperature on the Light weight.

At the moment its still running on a 2.25 petrol engine. and the normal series style gauges.

after reading a few threads on "apparently" high temp readings on series trucks i set out on a bit of an investigation.

As long as i have known the truck. The temperature gauge has sat on the white line between the red section and the normal range even with a coolign system in good working order.


My intention is to fit a 200tdi to the truck(as a result it has a differnt radiator), but before i do i want to make sure the cooling system is up to the job of atleast a 2.25p.

As far as i can compare, the new radiator runs at the same temperature level as the stock series rad (which is all good!!!) however the reading is still at this high level.

After seeing on a thread that the voltage stabiliser for the gauges might be a cause, i checked it, getting a readign of 10.6v, which seems okay.

In a vane attempt, i got a k series thermo couple from maplins, but that doesnt have correction for losses in the cables so doest read true <_<

So i moved on, and took the x-eng fan switch i got from l2b and figued that the atleast i could tell where 88 degrees was.

i was wrong... i cant seem to get it to a high enough temp to trigger, either a relay or a single fan. however i can get the resistance down enough through a bowl and hot water.

After a few failed attempts i gave up when the needle on the guage was just outside the red box (especially as i dont really know how hot its getting).

I have a aquired a few 9v stabilisers, as they are cheap enough as the next line of a attack, although i doubt little change.

I was wondering if the sensor could be at fault (cheap haddocks one) or maybe the gauge may have been re calibrated when the truck had a ford v6 fitted prior to the 2.25p.

Any suggestions welcome.

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Been there done that!!!

What temperature thermostat are you running? The series temp gauge is correctly calibratd for a 74 degree thermostat. If you're running an 82 degree then it will (correctly) read high.

200Tdi runs an 88 degree thermostat.

I've found using the standard series sender unit and temp gauge swapping the "voltage conditioner" for a modern 9v regulator drops the gauge reading so it sits nicely in the middle of the gauge.

End of problem.


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Oh I should add that I've got one of Si's X fan switches and to date I've never managed to get the fans to switch on!!! Tdi just dont seem to get hot!


Yay success, i robbed the sendor and gauge off the "ro good to break" series 3. First of all eliminated the gauge.

Then replaced the sendor and it reads just on the highest point of the N :D

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