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Custom Wiring loom needed....


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Have you tried AutoSparks? Although not sure they do late model stuff.

Looking at their website... I think they only do earlier stuff. And not sure if they do custom work.

Worth a call though... thinking about it, I think some on here works for Autosparks :huh::blink: - hopefully they might see this post.


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Guest diesel_jim

I just gave their email to my dad... he's rebuilding his 1956 mercedes 190.... they had the looms on the shelf!

and about 1/3rd the price of a genuine one.

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I can ;)

Hell with a pile of wire and a bit of thought, anyone can! :P

True... but your missing the issue of 'time' - which is something I seem to be lacking in large quantities of late.

You will be getting a pm shortly ;)


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