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New air filter and snorkel reseal prior to the forum greenlane day couple of months back.

Again prior to the MOT (just checking fluids etc and changing shocks) in August.

Haven't looked since so I guess I left it out then. Always trouble doing your MOT prep in the dark the night before having rushed back from a week away.

Hey ho, new one on its way from Paddocks but means the oil change will have to wait another week.

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Had a garage forget to put the bonnet pins back in after an MOT once.

Found out about a mile down the road when the bonnet flew open and smashed throught the windscreen. :o

What really p****d me off is that after wards although the garage admitted they still had the pins next to there ramp, when I told them about the smashed windscreen I was told it was my responsability to check the vehicle is safe AFTER passing an MOT and they refused to even consider paying for the windscreen. :angry:

Never did get any were with compensation just never went near that garage again.

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