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plate weights + kw?


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Hi there everyone,

please could you help me?

I need the plate weights to register in France; no sign of actual weights on the actual plate :rolleyes: so far searching indicates

gvw = 2720kg

max including trailer = ?

front axle = 1200kg

rear axle = 1650kg

apparently, even when they're not properly labelled, these are the 4 weights in order on all EEC plates, so perhaps a kind person could check theirs..

power = 93kw?

the power figure is from a defender 300tdi, =111bhp, not necessarily original power; I just need the 'factory' wattage of a standard disco 300tdi



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From my RAVE info

Discovery 300Tdi

it says axle weights are Non additive but do not exceed max vehicle weight

max front axle 1200kgs

max rear axle 1650 kgs

Vehicle total 2720 kgs

towing weights inculding trailer

unbraked on road 750 kgs off road 500 kgs

over run braked trailer on road 3500 kgs off road 1000 kgs

max gross including trailer/load = gross train weight which would be on road [Vehicle] 2720 + 3500 = 6220 kgs most likely not on the plate as Discovery are classed as cars not commercial vehicles

just found that the front & rear & gross train weight & gross vehicle weights are only include on the VIN plate if required, maybe in the UK the train weight isn't required by law.

hth :D

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Thanks chaps, I think I'll put 6220kg then, just in case I ever need to tow a big trailer

assuming that for a 4 tonne trailer the modification to allow coupled brakes would need adding to the registration according to the French system


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