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Another Mud Dash Post

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I've just bought a mud dash, quality piece of kit and great service. I want to fit a row of durite / eaton rocker switches at the top of the front area, radio on the angle at the top, and cb in din mount at bottom. My concern is the depth of the switches with their multiplug connectors. I've offered things up and it looks tight, has anyone done this or can anyone tell me if these will fit before I start cutting the dash?

Thanks and regards,


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I've done similar using the carling switches radio and cb reversed, i.e cb in the top, radio in the bottom and it's very tight, not sure how much dimensions are different with the durilte switches tbh.

I'd originally wanted the radio in top as well but sketched it up in autocad first and thought it was too tight. CB rests on the wiring at the back of the switches - no multiplugs, just normal 6.4mm crimps.



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Have you looked at the Installation pictures that users have sent to the Mudstuff site, maybe someone has done it.

There are pics of my install here http://www.mudstuff.co.uk/products/MUDDash/MattColeydash.jpg I used th britax PMG switches, I Couldn't use the multi plugs on the back though as they are quite deep and I didn't give enough thought to the planning.

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Thanks guys.

I haven't got an issue swapping the cb and radio positions if it makes more room, i'll have a look.

I've looked on the mudstuff website and nobody has done it, which worried me a little!

Matt, the switches look very similar to yours, I want to stick a cb (or radio) in the top part on the angle and just have one row of switches.

or... just thought ..... can you fit a cb in the middle row or would it hit the dash at the back? I know that some of the din mounts have the sb sitting proud of the panel at the front?? Just another idea?

Switches are shown on link below, for an idea of depth. Multiplugs add another half inch ish, so guess they're a none starter!




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Im not sure what you want to do will fit, you may have to put the CB in the top as it is slimmer than a radio, and then have it sitting proud as it may catch the radio at the rear. I used the same switches as you without the multiplug bits and you can see on the pics below they are quite tight against the gauge thats in there.




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