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turbo failure i think

big ives

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while driving my disco today i heard what sounded like a rattling sound coming from what i thought was the turbo. shortly after that i lost power and the CHECK ENGINE warning light came on and the disco stopped.

turned off the engine and then started the engine while listening to the turbo, can't be sure but i think it a goner.

RAC to the rescue, back home engine will start but pressing the throttle makes no difference to the rpm, engine just idles

can anyone point me in the right direction on what the problem is

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1996 300tdi ES Auto, with EDC

checked all fluids today, oil and water ok

no water in the oil

started the engine and seen smoke coming from the engine bay, engine started but still could not rev it, will spend more time on fault finding tomorrow, but for now i am lost as to what it is

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if the engine starts and idles, and nothing happens when you push the throttle, on an EDC, then somewhere along the line from your fly by wire throttle, it isnt flying by wire as it were. so it could be wiring, more likely the evil EDC injection pump :(

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I guessed it would be an EDC.

yep - sounds like the EDC injection pump.

http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopic=21615 - there is a pump for sale there or check ebay.

When my lift pump went it was the same, it would idle but wouldn't rev, but there wasn't a rattle, so it might be worth checking the lift pump first as that's a lot cheaper. You can also bypass the lift pump to rule it out, you just need a length of rubber hose, undo the two connections on the lift pump and join them together with the rubber tube and a couple of jubilee clips. The only other things that are involved with the revving are the throttle position sensor (just above the peddle) but that wouldn't make anything rattle and the EDC ECU, which is behind the trim just to the side of the drivers foot. Another thing you can try is to unplug and reseat the ECU a few times.

Is it still rattling now as it idles?

You should be able to check the turbo for any play by pulling off the big pipe going to it and carefully putting your fingers in (with the engine off of course)

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hi big ives .. i have a full edc setup for sale .. off a 1998 300tdi .done 85k genuine miles never missed a beat ... injector pump,ecu,airflow meter,throtle potentiometer.. +maybe even the injectors.. the lot .. working absolutely perfectly.. you can come +try it on my disco prior to removal if you want .. just let me know .. im in nottingham glenn .

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no rattle when idling

checked all the pipes around the turbo, couldn't find any splits

had some one else start the engine while i watched, i could see what appeared to be exhaust smoke coming from the rear of the engine, could it be a cylinder head gasket?

also when idling when u listen to the engine run you would swear that the sound near the turbo was like an exhaust with a hole in it? but i could find any blow out?

will get it into the garage tomorrow now i have finished working on my landy 90

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If the head gasket was blown to the outside at the back of the head you would in effect be running on three cylinders. It would rev, but really unevenly. Start the engine and put your hand down the back of the head and if there is any compression loss - you will easily feel it.


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