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200tdi into range rover


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If you can, have the whole donor vehicle as you will spend a fortune buying all the little bits and bobs if you only get the engine.

Oh, and have a search on this forum - there are a couple of threads on this topic.

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Only a couple :unsure::lol:

Thanks for that I'm in a funny position where I have two complete disco's with rotten bodies and good mechs plus my trusty 1983 R/R which is in decent order, where I live petrol is £1.15 per litre and thats just crazy, poor old v8 will find a home in my MGB so all is not lost, done lots of swaps before but still looking for info, tried a search here but found very little will try again.

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me did it a few months ago...but in my case i removed the lt95 and an isuzu engine from its place ...so as for the gearbox if your are going to fit the lt77, you just use the disco cross member and use partial holes of the old cross member in the chassis and modify a bit the inside layout of the body for gear leaver access. if you are going auto, i don;'t know what it involves... if you have one of those engine hoist, i think it will be relativly easy, cause you just slide the gearbox from underneat and grab it from above by means of the hoist. i even had to modify the floor board to give access to the handbrake drum ..but this was on a '73, 2dr model...maybe yours is different, or at least that what i noticed on my 4dr '89 model.

re the engine i had to construct new chassis brackets , but in your case since you have an original rover engine fitted, maybe you can use the ones you have... as for the rest there is nothing special ... you will have to trim the bulk head at the top to give access for the top cover... some web sites say you can hammer it backwards...i felt guilty hammering the poor beast, so i cut and welded it to be more decent...

re radiator you have to modify brackets... re water reservoir , if you use the disco plastic one , he will find its place by itself, you will need only to drill a couple of holes... otherwise it is a straightfoward job...

some say you can fit the whole setup in a couple of hours...me took me a week... for the gearbox alone took me some 5 hrs to put in place..by jacking and twisting and rolling... gosh ...it is a really heavy piece of sh** to handle by yourself, if you don't have proper brackets fitted to your jack, and beleive me at a certain point you would like to start crying if things go wrong, and you would start asking yourself, why the fu** you did not buy a ford KA like any mortal being around, and would be watching the telly or sipping a coffee,over a chat, at some tennis club, with one of those branded polo shirts hanging against your shoulders ...

at the end of the day you feel like Big Jim....the day after you feel like a creepled old war veteran, with back pain, muscle strain etc...and the ending result.... 2nd sincro non working properly and oil dripping from all possible cavities !!!!!!

anyway good luck...if done properly the Range will like the swap !!!

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Like everyone is saying get a complete donor Disco and it is relatively staright forward. my daughter has a 200 tdi engined RR which had the engine and box retro fitted by a dealer using the LR kit of bits. Uses Disco engine and box with Rad and intercooler, very easy to do only real mod is welding the engine mounts to the chassis instead of the V8 ones. It's a superb old bus regularly gets over 30mpg and rives very nicely.

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I want to bung a 200tdi in my 1990 auto. Two questions:

(a) Has the tdi the balls/torque curve to cope with a slush box.

(B) Can I bastardise the engine on to the auto box with a converter plate and spigot carrier or can I do a bell housing swap?

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I have a 200TDi auto RR :rolleyes: it used to be a V8 but I found an auto Disco to theive from.

The V8 auto box mated to a 200TDi will result in poor performance as the valving is wrong for the engine.

The 200TDi is fine with an auto. It is no rocket ship but drives absolutely fine and gave me 29 mpg over 3k around France last year :i-m_so_happy:

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