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Breather's, Axle's, G/Box and T/Box

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My rear axle breather is blocked on my 90, and won't clean out with the airline. Basically I'm going to replace it and extend the breather so i thought i might as well do the whole lot and do it properly.

I've seen the kits on eBay but i can get most of the bits for free through work, the joys of being in the 'trade' i suppose.

What thread are the axle breathers? Are the G/box and T/Box the same thread?



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I'm new on here, hello everyone!

I'm think of extending my axle breathers. I've heard some people using irrigation pipe from B&Q. Will this fit onto the existing banjo fittings on the axles, gearbox etc.

And is this pipe gonna be alright, cos I'm a bit concerned about it getting a bit hot i.e. melting. Anybody had any experiance with this stuff?



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