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Castor alloys


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Does anybody know of an aftermarket copy of the 7x16 "Castor" alloys? - they were the standard fit on many 300Tdi Discoverys with 205R16 tyres, if the vehicle didn't have the Freestyle upgrade. There are copies of the Boost, Deep Dish and Freestyle rims readily available but I have never seen a copy of the Castor wheel - possibly because it looks a bit poo compared to the others but we have a vehicle on the company fleet which needs 1 due to an idiot who had a puncture and didn't know how to do up wheel nuts properly :angry: don't want to replace all the wheels due to the cost relative to the age of the vehicle, and LR don't make the gen-ewe-whine ones any more...

A not very good picture:


Ta :)


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Just fit the spare and leave a 'new' spare as a different design?

As cost is a constraint this would seem the cost effective way to keep up the image without breaking the bank.

If you have done that once already, and only had 4 Castor alloys, one of which is now defunct, then simply make one of the three remaining Castors the spare, and fit two of Castor design to one side of the vehicle, and two of another design to the other side.

It's always interesting to see how many people notice, or not, as the case maybe.

Hope this Helps <Grin>.

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Guest diesel_jim

Like you say Stephen, no copies because they're so friggin ugly! :lol::lol:

Maybe someone could keep an eye out at the next autojumble for an odd one?

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