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How heavy?

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Really sorry for the unhelpfull reply but I took mine out the other week and it was about all I could lift while laying on my side.soI'm guessing about 15kg. would be interesting to see what the actual weight is to see how good my guess was :)

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Please could someone tell me how heavy a standard rover diff is?

I may have to post one and the only ones I have are in axles. It doesnt need to be mega accurate just approx so I can find out how much.



weight is about 28kg including the box/packing when I returned the old front diff I replaced last November & cost me £30.19 on Parcelforce 48hous service :D

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Im glad its not just me that could only just lift a diff on my side, I removed my front diff as i t was knakeded a few weeks ago, came out a dodle but could i pick it up underneath the landrover........barely! Would love to see the parcel force lady delevering a diff! ^_^

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