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What has happened to my diff?

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My diff has locked itself (like an arb locked diff) but still remains completely intact :blink:

The oil from the diff was fine and did not have any metal or metalicness to it. The diff looks fine. The backlash is pretty good, all of the teeth on the pinion, sun and planet wheels are in good order.

However, when two half shafts are put in and the flange from where the propshaft is turned, the half shafts will rotate forwards and back smoothly with no problems until you try to stop one of the half shafts from rotating......Because it won't. No matter how hard I grip either half shaft alternatly, they will keep rotating. The planet and sun wheels are locked and will not move.

When it happened on the road it started off as a clicking noise, which I assumed was a broken cv joint. We then nursed it home and the clicking turned into a knock, then into a bonk which would only happen when turning and driving forward. The noise which was now a bonk, shook the axle and the car alot. Until it decided to stop, completely. Once we got home the cv's came out, and nothing wrong with them. Half shafts also fine. And then the diff, which is as above now.

So, what have I done to my diff, or rather what has my dad done to my diff? :lol:

TIA to all you rocket scientists :P


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i dont know alot about diffs but it would seem one of your planet gears have seazed up maby due to a small amount of dirt or its got hot due to bearing failure

correct me if im wrong


I don't think that the planet and sun wheels have bearings within that cage???

I am puzzled, and no its not an april fools :lol:

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I've had something similar happen, it turned out to be wear in the cage,where the pin holding the planet gears had worn the holes in the cage oval. Most of the time it was ok, but sometimes especialy when changing from forward to reverse or visaversa the diff whould lock up.

Cheers Dave :unsure:

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Couple more......and thats it.

What you can't see from my purely rubbish pics, is what I can see. And that is a very good diff. They is no grot or anything in there apart from a drop of oil left which is what you are picking up on I think.

Anyway, it doesn't matter too much what it is as I will replace it with a 24 spline one along with the rest on internals from my other rangie. I just wanted to know really what had happened, as I haven't come across anything like this before.



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Hi Rhys,

...if you are not refitting strip anyway to find out ....my 2p is on pin/planet gear pickup, like a few others have said, Watson and Western I think....nothing to lose , info to gain ;) , go on you know you want to , and you can post up the results, winners get to share the ropey bit annually :lol::lol:

....if you need more trophies I'm sure between us all we can rake out under the bench for some more :P



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Right, pulled the diff to bits and went to take the pin out which runs through the planet and sun wheels, and as you said steve, there is my problem. I can't get it out, as it is stuck in ans ceased solid. Even a big belt with the hammer, and still nothing. Planet and sun wheels still locked. Might try a sledge hammer tomorrow :P

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