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200Tdi Cylinder Head


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I'm looking at a 200Tdi Cylinder head that appears to be in good shape.

BUT I'm unsure from the pictures and my lack of knowledge of early 200Tdi's if this is actually the real MacCoy? What really confuses me is that the advert has it listed with part number HRC2666, which isn't a Land Rover part number. :huh: A friend has already suggested that it might be from a Transit.

So, my question is simply, what is this ?





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Thanks for all the comments guys & Frida.

The yellow oil cap had me wondering to :huh:

Didn't the 200Tdi have a green cap just like the dip stick?


the advert has the Range Rover in one section as a model year 2019................Then at another spot a 1989.......... Ja right! I'm really suspicious of the ad, as the head has been for sale for some time.

Therefore I made an offer today on a 300Tdi out of a accident damaged Defender with only 170000km on it. If I get the motor, this should make for an interesting conversion in my series 3 hybrid.


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