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need your help and wisdom quick. I am currently sat in ferry bridge services with another 60 miles or so to go. My rover 620 has developed a judder around 70-80 mph and is pulling to the left, The brake disc is groveed and pitted and is booked in to be replaced tomorrow, could this be the problem or should i be thinking about phoning the aa out.

All help appreciated


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If you can jack it up each of the front wheels in turn and check for any movement that shouldn't be there. Rock it top and bottom and side to side. It doesn't matter where it is loose, if it is, it will just be the push you need to call the AA out. Also while the wheels are in the air, spin the wheel and listen for any odd noises. Scraping sounds that are worse then just the pads touching or any crunchy noises or if it feels rough and it is a truck home.

Also have a good look around it to see if all the wheels are pointing in the right direction and have a look at the rear suspension for worn bushes and looseness.

If you do phone the AA, and I would recommend it anyway, tell then it is brakes or steering and they will get the truck as they won't even bother with a van to check it out as it would be too risky for them.

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Well, got home safe and sound, when out in the car park i saw a friendly aa chap showed him my card asked for advice, we looked and pulled etc and out come he reckons tracking/balance is out. Drove home 60mph and no probs so when the front disks and pads get done tracking and balancing will now be added.

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