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  1. Thats not Ralph LandRover !! his is Blue
  2. Bob is it finish Yet ????
  3. Ralph can you put a link into the other thread ? Adrian G1LTK VE6LTK Leicester RAYNET
  4. Hi Bob Have you finished it yet ??
  5. Hi Si It would help if you put the age of the car and milage . Adrian
  6. has not set their status

  7. Hi Has any one used Offraod Trading Ltd in Weybridge for the supply of Goods and how did you get on ?? Thanks Adrian
  8. hi Canot tap in before the pump as the pump is in the Tank .Looks like i we have to put a small tank into the back of the landrover. If i do i can run the heater on red diesel ?
  9. But will it suck up through the landrover fuel pump if that pump is not running ?
  10. Iam looking at fixing a Ederspacher D1LC Diesel heater under the back seat of the 110 DCC Landrover with this heater work OK without the Vehicle fuel pump runing ? The heater come with a small fuel metering pump.
  11. Hi can someone tell me the inside dia of the fuel pipe on a TD5 from the tank to the filter thanks Adrian
  12. Hi I have to fix a new windscreen washer jet to the front of a 110 DC 56 plate landrover How much dashboard will i have to remove?
  13. Who going to the ALRC Nationals at Manby next weekend ? I will be as part of the Rescue Crew
  14. Its snowing he at Sharnford in Leicestershire
  15. When i can find it i will post a picture of Western in a Very wet and muddy hole Also one of my unit on the Mull Rally in a hole Adrian Earl Recovery
  16. 30 first time and i passed my test 32 years ago
  17. What are you looking to put on the Mast ?
  18. I have one for sale that came of a Double Crew Cab pick up
  19. well did it pass the MOT ??
  20. Hi any one out on the Perthshire Hill Rally on the 11 & 12 July ??
  21. Si you MUST stop using the Rover 620 for off roading Use the Land rover
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