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I was in the defender 300tdi today, sat in the drive with it running for about 30 mins whilst I changed a radio - then switched it off for about 5 mins. then started it up to go up the road, as i went up the road, it belched smoke out all the way - white smoke.

I then noticed that the indicators, fuel gauge and rear wash wipe wasnt working, so went home changed the fuse, and started it up again and went back up the road and no smoke.

Now I am sure the fuse is a red herring, I am thinking that it was due to the 30 mins of running in the drive at idle - but why I am still intrigued about.

I know I have a problem with a vaccuum developing in the tank when the fuel tank gets low, as the cap is hard to get off - a job I just haven't got around to fixing - but not sure this is the cause?

Any thoughts appreciated...


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Guest diesel_jim

My tdi used to do that..... if it was on idle for any length of time, the first time i booted it, it would smoke like the Simpsons "springfield tyre fire" for a few seconds.

don't know if it means the turbo is past it? (oil leaking into it?)

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Yep, long period at idle filling the breathers with gunk which then all gets pulled through when you start to drive it - you will often see the same thing when lorries pull out of their yards in the morning having sat at idle for half hour while the driver makes tea, fills in logs, tacho charts etc... well, mine used to. :)


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We did a load of night work a while back where the guys were sat in the back of a transit with the engine idling for ~8 hours per night, by the end of the week the thing sounded like a piston was going to pop out the side of the engine - a quick and very smoky blast up and down the motorway and it was good as gold.

If in doubt, run Redex through it for good measure.

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Okay, last question, honest. How often were you adding it?

No schedule, occasionally we bought a bottle (usually prior to a big servicing binge) and ran it through the fleet and each time we did it showed in the lap times.

Personally I'll buy a bottle every so often (if I'm in Halfords for example) and will run a few glugs of it through when I remember at the petrol station.

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