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Waterproof seat covers


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Having spent an extended lunch break trying to find a set, I'm all out of ideas.

I have a set of Cobra sports seats like these from Halfords (no I didn't spend that much on them) and I would like to protect them from dirt and grime so that SWMBO can still come out for a play on the odd occasion and not bend my ear about the state of her sit-upon!!

Any ideas of a source for some waterproof covers? I've tried Exmoor, Halfords, ebay and a whole host of other motor accessory places, but to no avail!! Most of them offer standard covers, but the side bolsters and shoulder supports won't allow them to fit...



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I got a set of the blue waterproof covers from Argos for my work car as they were cheap. Having used them continuously for best part of 7 years they are still fine and I want to get the rear seat version too. However, I have side airbags in the seats and they are rendered useless with seat covers on.

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Jase/Paul - Ta for the UK Covers link. I shall be investigating further.

Walfy - I already have a body bag in the garage for when I replace the patio....;-) It won't need a window.....

Night Train - The seats are too wide at the shoulders to get standard ones over... I tried with my Exmoor trim set from the Disco!!

Chris - as ever, your practicality hits home hard, but I paid substantially less for the seats I have than I would have for a decent (or new) set of LR vinyl ones!! And these are wonderfully comfortable, if a tad prone to collecting mud. I had a look around an agricultural supplies place on my way to Hastings the other day and they only stocked standard ones.

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