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90 & 110 300 tdi test drive required in Southampton area


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As it says really. As part of my mid 30's crisis, I'm looking to buy a 90 300 tdi. However, to put my mind to rest on a few things, I'm wanting to have a quick on-road drive of both a 90 and a 110. Preferably they would be hardtops, but I'm happy with a station wagon. However, they will need to be standard-ish spec i.e. no lifts, expedition vehicles etc. I've had a quick off-road go in a 110 Camel (thanks to Jen and V8bertha) but that was pretty much fully loaded and not necessarily a good indication of what I will come to expect.

So, if you have a 90 or 110 300tdi, you're in the Southampton area, and are willing and mad enough to have a little test drive, please contact me (I can be e-mailed via my profile). I am insured to drive other people's vehicles ;)

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Hunters or Brooklyn's would be happy to help I would assume

Cheers Jules, I might try Brooklyns, but I wouldn't have thought that Hunters would have anything younger than a TD5.

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Hi Ryan

you're welcome to use mine - the green 110 that occaisionally turns up at shires events. Standardish but with mud tyres, mahossive winch, but no suspension or big mods on (yet).

I'll pm you my mobile no, or you can get it from Dan.


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With my house move going through this wk, I shall be plying up and down the M27 several times a wk for the next few months until my work moves too. 1995 90 300Tdi mostly standard but with a slight pump tweak. PM before Weds eve as my email/internet will then be off for 10 days as i go to a new ISP.

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Only 10 days? Are you sure? :P

Hmm, we will see....I'm going from a cabled area to non cabled, fortunately a BT line exists at the new place, not that I'm going with them.....

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