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changing water pump 200TDI

Guest noggy AKA Mortus

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alright chaps and chapettes

ive struck a little problem... or 3.

whilst attempting change my waterpump on my landrover 90 today (ive got time off work due to dislocating my knee)

i have accidently snapped one of the bolts off :|

and another 2 of the bolts are siezed solid. and ive turned the heads off.

whats the best thing to do in my situation?

weld a nut to the rounded bolts?

or just try and snapp them off, then drill and tap the block once the water pump is removed?


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I did exactly the same about a year ago, I snapped one bolt, the previous owner had already snapped another, and the last one was so tight nothing would shift it. We tried everything, stud extractors/eazy-outs/heating the block and freezing the bolt/shocking the thread/welding a bar on and nothing would shift it.

In the end we had to cut the remaining part of the stud off and drill all three out, then heli coil them. You need to be very careful when drilling them out, the combination of steel bolt and an ally block makes it very hard to drill the bolt out without damaging the block! Heli-coiling was a great solution because now, rather than having a steel bolt into an ally thread (which causes a reaction, greatly accellerated by the presence of water!) I've got a steel bolt into a stainless steel thread! Hopefully meaning it'll never happen again!!!

Hope this helps,


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I've found the best way with the stuck bolts is to work them forwards and backwards, 10 degrees or so. It takes a long time and you have to be really, really patient but eventually they will loosen.

For the rounded heads tap an undersize socket on with a hammer and then progress as above. For the sheared bolt your best bet is to get the pump off and then weld a nut onto it and try the above but it may come down to drilling and helicoiling as Matt suggests in the previous post.



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ok, ive managed to remove 2 of the 3 studs, i ended up cutting them with ther grinder to removed the old pump, then simply using molegrips i removed them.

the 3rd one which has sheared was too short to use with molegrips successfully and i couldnt get a good enough weld on the end to weld a nut on.

but, all is not lost. i could always tap it out now, or i could wait until i send it to the landrover garage to get the timing belt replaced, and let them deal with it.

for now, im going to leave it, its not a very important stud so i will just use some liquid gasket in that corner and hope the other studs will hold it tight.

Cheers guys.

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