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Clutch Problems

Dr Goon

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I went to use the 110 on Saturday and when I put my foot on the clutch it felt odd, in that the first few inches of travel were simply the return spring stretching, followed by the normal clutch feel when the pedal was about halfway down.

I started the engine and drove round the block. At first gear changing was OK but after a while, the gearchange became more difficult.

What do you think, is it more likely to be the master cylinder or the slave cylinder?

Whichever it is I will probably have to enlist the services of my trusty mechanic to do the work as I simply don't have the time to do it myself at the moment and I hate working on hydraulics :(

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Could be the slave Gordon.

Can you get a better pedal if you pump it rapidy a few times?

Has the fluid level dropped a bit, but there's no obvious leak around the pedal or servo?

Easiest way to tell is look underneath for fluid loss. If it's generally oily there anyway, then put a teensy bit on the tip of your finger and taste it. If it has a bitter 'dry' taste, then it's clutch fluid. If it just feels oily and no discernable taste, then you just swallowed engine oil!

Without looking, that's about the best I can say.

Les. :)

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Thanks Les (AKA 'trusty mechanic')

It didn't seem to improve with pumping, I did try that as I am used to that problem with braking systems on old cars :rolleyes:

I was pushed for time so I didn't check anything much on Saturday but I might be able to get out there one evening this week and check the fluid level. I had used the truck the previous weekend and everything was fine. Drove it around town (plenty of gearchanging) and I noticed no difference in the clutch feel then. As soon as I got in it this weekend I noticed the problem straight away.

I will check for leakage from the slave cylinder. The floor mat has seemed to be damp on occasions under the clutch pedal and I will see if I can detect fluid on the pedal arm. I might give the 'taste test' a miss though :blink:

Will let you know what I find. If it is the master cylinder - roughly how much do you reckon for a replacement unit?

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If the bore is in good condition, then a seal kit will do the job ok.

Any scoring or lip means a new master - about £70 I think, but there are a few makes.

Clutch slave is in the range of £11 to £30, again there are a few different makes.

Perhaps when lazy Ralph wakes up he might earn a free forum sticker and grace us with part numbers!

I'll be here all weekend, so if you want me to have a look, or maybe late afternoon during the week, then let me know. I'll be in the car park of the GWR hotel near the station most of the day on Wednesday replacing the timing belt on an Audi A4, so could arrange something then?

Let me know anyway.

Les. :)

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Perhaps when lazy Ralph wakes up he might earn a free forum sticker and grace us with part numbers!

Oi, darn cheek :lol::lol:

Master cylinder upto VIN XA178603 = 557032

------------------from -----XA178604 = STC100410

Slave cylinder FTC5072 To (G)56A 0669086K


-----------------FTC5202 From (G)56A 0669087K

I'll have 2 small stickers Please :D

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Right, I managed to get a look at the thing this weekend (at home in daylight for once!).

The clutch pedal arm is damp so I am pretty sure the leak is from the master cylinder, dribbling fluid down the pedal arm onto the floor rubber mat, which also shows signs of dampness immediately under the pedal. The master cylinder is pretty well dry and the pedal goes more or less striaght to the floor now and will not pump up pressure. I could not start it to see if I could get it into gear as the main battery is almost flat again :angry::angry::angry::angry::angry:

I couldn't be bothered to jump start it off the yellow top Optima as it seemed slightly pointless to leave it running parked at the roadside to charge the battery as it won't drive :rolleyes: It jumpstarts easy enough off the other battery. I just wish I knew why the (fairly new) red top Optima keeps going down.

I think the best thing would be to have a replacement master cylinder and then look at refurbing the old one with new seals, which I may be able to do myself as I have done a brake master cylinder successfully in the past.

Les, would you be able to have a look at some stage. You would have to come out to me (I don't live in Highworth by the way :P ) as I wouldn't be able to get it to you without a clutch...... I could drop the keys round to yours one evening.


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