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Hillbilly Raider

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My Raider is showing serious signs of corrosion on the rear cross member, bumper and paint is flaking around the place where the roll cage attaches to the truck.

The stays on the roll cage/roofrack have rusted through and snapped off also.

After hearing that my corrosion warranty is valid from say 6 years plus(on this forum) i took my truck to my stealer yesterday only to be told that the rust must have MADE HOLES in order to qualify!!???

This cant be right surely??? why wait (and give yourself more work) untill it is rusted through?

My womans logic tells me to repair it BEFORE it gets to that stage?!

Are they trying to pull a fast one? has anyone else had this problem? and if so how can i sort it out?

P.S. they took photos to "send off" to "see if it qualifies"

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This is a bit more than surface rust!! but i know what you mean!

Most of the people who buy new trucks trade them in after 3 years for a new model and the person who buys the "secondhand" one they have traded in, just deals with problems like this themselves so hardly anyone applies for this kind of work to be done (was told this by bloke at stealers)

Have been in undated with "do you want to buy a new truck we will give you a good price against yours" mailshots since my truck turned 3 years old!!

Keep telling them that i dont want a new Freelander/Disco/Rangie but it seems that they are only interested in selling you a new car NOT working on the one you have.!!!!

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Have phoned Landrover direct and have pointed that fact out to them!! along with a few other points.

This will either:

(a) get the job done


(B) get me no where!!

those of you that know me will be feeling sorry for the poor girl at LR customer services who took the call!

Rants are what i do best! :lol::lol:

Place your bets on the out come now!

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I am sure that if you took the following advive that you would be guilty of some offence - fraud etc.?

If you have significant rust patches and you are genuinly concerned then perhaps you could "hasten" the onset of holes with the aid of some chemical agents - acids and the like. ;) This would force LR to take action but you may not like the action they would take... Will they replace the chassis, cage etc? Will they replace only part of it? Will they use filler to hide the fault? Or, on the crossmember, just weld a patch on? Well worth knowing before you take any action.


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