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Rear Winch install

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Finally Committed to a rear winch install! after a few sketches and advice from others! Designed in a Pub built in a Shed :D came up with this...


First Cuts!


Offer up the winch


Fab plate and Hawse


Offer up the plate and Winch


Weld Plate into place, a good 10 weld spots. The plate has two angled section either side. Following contour of Xmember, either side of the plate.


Locate Winch and Finish up the odds and Sods


Jobs a Good'en :D

Tested it at the weekend, and all went well. Arc welded the main 6mm plate to the rear X member. Had advice on specific Electrode type, for structural welds of this type. Placed a Dti on the winch and Hawse areas to check for movement when winching. All O.k near to no flex (1-2thou) winching a vehicle up an incline.

The only down fall was the "Winch Webbing" and a Freespool problem on the winch itself :blink:

Any comments.....

Mounted above the Xmember, for 3 reasons: 1, I like to be able to get at the winch easily to do any maintenance. 2, Modification to stock exhaust would of been needed. To install winch, in the Xmember. 3, From the Cab, i can see how the rope is going on to the drum.

Security wise, rear bolts have been tab welded to chassis.....

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Cheers Turbocharger, i had some spare time and thought i would try something different! Couldnt think of a good theme for the back.....Well not yet! But i have a couple designs in the pipeline! One being Homer Simpson :lol:

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Looks good, and neat installation.

What was the issue with the winch web?

Can you still get a hitch on the Towball OK?

The Webbing is a nightmare! It wont run onto the drum properly. Unless you are guiding it, the stuff will bunch until the force of the pull forces it to topple. Then you get quite a nasty snatch as it drops back on to the drum :blink: Have discussed it on other forum, no one has been overly impressed, but it will make some good extensions. For the cost of the webbing, it was worth a try :rolleyes:

Re: Hitch on the ball

I have to make up a small packer, to get a hitch of a trailer onto it (3/8"). Due to the vehicle only being used for Off-road. The trailer issue was not a concern, but can be easily retified.

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