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Differential Ball Joint

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I've replaced that joint on both my old Disco and my current Defender. Both times I've used the greasable and adjustable joint made by Maxidrive here in Australia. For us it's not much more expensive than the genuine part, and it's far better made and will probably outlast the vehicle (and owner).

Paul :)

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Haven't seen that one Paul (the ones I have seen have been UK made) but it sounds worth having - what sort of price over there?

I have just never had any bother with the standard genuine ball joints - my last Discovery was sold at 61,000 miles with the original joint still there and showing no wear, I don't think I changed it on my original 90 in the time I had that, nor the second 90 in the time I had that, and I certainly haven't on the current one. And the new Disco doesn't have one so I won't be changing that :)

As they say if it ain't broke....

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