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Tailgate, wot have u done?


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anyone know a uk based supplier?

so if i'm going for netting i am best putting a brace bar at the top of the opening to brace the tub?

I think you'll struggle to find one off the shelf as a LR tailgate is very narrow

I've heard you are pretty good with a sewing machine though :lol:

Demon Tweeks sell the netting for windows, have a measure.

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looking for some new tailgate ideas, i have to change mine cos its bent :rolleyes:

mine doesn't open often cos i keep the waffles across the back of the tub, looking for some ideas of alternatives, pics would be good ;)

Try the netting they use on top of skips/waggons to keep the load safe.

It's pretty tough and I suspect cheap from the right source, so you could modify to suite.


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Race nets are available from OMP/SPARCO.

I'm waiting for the catalogue to arrive BTW.

A mate fitted 2 of them to act as cargo barrier,look great BTW.

You could try the same on the back if you couldn't find the one piece.

And yup,I think a somewhat bar will be necessary...

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